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Student Spotlight

We are thrilled to recognize our Learning, Design, and Technology students!

Not only do our students excel in their coursework, but they also apply what they've learned in the classroom to professional contexts by pursuing scholarships, fellowships, and initiatives focused on teaching, learning, and student success.

Meet our Students

Our students come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, bringing to the program their perspectives and expertise. Learn more about them by reading the profiles below.

Odmaa Oyungerel (she/her) | Mongolia

Interests: Early childhood education | Teacher education and development | Education policy and social impact | Education technology

I've always wanted to deepen my knowledge in education. The LDT program was exactly what I was looking for, every facet of this program fills me with enthusiasm and anticipation. The diversity of our cohort, with its unique backgrounds and perspectives, was remarkably enriching. Observing how each member applied methods and theories differently in practice was always fascinating. Moreover, experiencing how profoundly the LDT program enriches students as whole individuals has been incredibly valuable to me.

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis (he/him) | USA

Interests: Trauma-informed and Anti-racist Pedagogy | Active learning | Student-centered Course Design

I wanted a program that would allow to combine my passion for educational transformation with my expertise in public speaking, mass communications, and intercultural communication. The technology component set it over the top. The opportunity to explore how technology can be used to transform classrooms and universities was exciting to me and was evident in this program. In the summer, I teach an education technology course for high school students in Georgetown's Summer College Immersion Program.


Ambika Putri Perdani | Indonesia

Interests: Research and App Development for Neurodiversity learner

Choosing the LDT program at Georgetown was a natural step for me, fueled by my fervent interest in design and innovation within education. 'Prior to my studies [at Georgetown], I initiated 'Rumah Belajar' as a response to the 'New Normal' ushered in by the Indonesian Government post COVID-19 pandemic. It was my firsthand venture into this realm. Designed to support students in my community, it addressed the significant shifts required to adapt to new modes of learning. This endeavor underscored the critical need for innovative educational strategies and reinforced my desire to delve deeper into this area. Georgetown's Learning, Design, and Technology program, renowned for its emphasis on progressive learning and technological solutions, seemed like the ideal setting to expand my knowledge and refine my skills for a greater impact.