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Higher Education’s Big Rethink Story Collection: #COVedStories #HigheredBigRethink

How is your campus preparing students, faculty and courses? In what ways is your institution moving towards sustained change and transformation? What is your role?

Georgetown’s LDT program is collecting COVID stories from the educational designers and developers who are at the leading edge helping to move their institutions forward and prepare campuses for teaching and learning in the Fall, Spring, and beyond.

Privacy note: we respect your privacy. If you want to share something anonymously, please contact us.

Why do these stories matter?​

In this unprecedented moment in the history of higher education, we want to capture the insider stories from the professional staff and faculty who are advancing educational institutions, through course development and professional learning, in the massive and rapid adaptation for Fall 2020, Spring 2021 and beyond. Why do their stories matter?

These educators and professionals are working at the “frontlines” of the most extensive effort at learning design and professional development in the history of higher education.

They are shaping the ways that hundreds of thousands of faculty around the world are engaging the principles of good instructional practice (often in ways they had not considered nor had any formal training in).

They are helping to shape unprecedented adaptation to the complexities of virtual and physical classroom contexts, in the midst of uncertain and shifting institutional plans.

These educational developers are helping to make visible—and actionable—the diverse voices and needs of students.

They are also, often in collaboration with diversity and equity staff on campus, trying to leverage the uneven effects of remote instruction as an opportunity for a broader awakening to inclusive pedagogical practices.

Participate in our research study on COVed Stories

Stories offer different insights than do surveys or data. The stories of educational developers and designers, collectively, give us a first important insight into the latent potential for innovation and transformation in the current crises–both COVID-19 and racial justice.

We plan to use the stories shared as part of a research study, An Inquiry into Adaptation and Innovation of Education in the COVID-19 Crisis, that aims to understand the themes that have emerged in relation to how higher education is changing during the COVID-19 pandemic and map the key themes to institutional decisions related to pedagogical, instructional, and organizational learning strategies.

Please review the Informed Consent and complete the form below.

We believe that educational designers and developers have a critical role to play in Higher Education’s Big Rethink. We are collecting their stories because change begins with listening.

Randall Bass, Vice President, Strategic Education Initiative, Georgetown University

Contact Us

To share your stories or ask any questions about the project, please email: ldtprogram@georgetown.edu