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Higher Education’s Big Rethink

COVID-19 and the Future of Learning, Equity, and Transformation

Higher Education’s Big Rethink is a multi-layered community learning event that will follow and interpret the dramatic story of higher education’s Fall adaptation to the challenges of the COVID crisis and the national consciousness around racial justice. Higher Education’s Big Rethink will unpack the summer’s complex planning and preparation phase; in the Fall a similar series will follow the Fall’s execution phase, all of which will likely have far-reaching consequences for institutions and the future of higher education.

Higher Education’s Big Rethink is a project of Georgetown’s Masters Program in Learning, Design, and Technology, with support from the Baker Trust for Transformational Learning. 

How Can We Unpack the Meaning of Fall Adaptation? 

What is the State of the Teaching and Learning Agenda?

What is the Potential for Justice-Focused Innovation and Transformation?

The Webinar Series

Dr. Bryan Alexander
Blog Site

Bryan Alexander, with the assistance of LDT students, conducted nearly twenty webinar interviews with thought leaders and guided the class with interview question development, resource preparation, and distilling highlights. You can access the publicly available interview content on our webinar homepage by selecting the image to the right!
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Share your #COVed Stories - Fall 2020

As part of the Big Rethink, Georgetown’s LDT program  is collecting COVID stories from the educational designers and developers who are at the leading edge helping to move their institutions forward and prepare campuses for teaching and learning in the Fall.

We believe that educational designers and developers have a critical role to play in Higher Education’s Big Rethink.

The stories of educational developers and designers, collectively, give us a first important insight into the latent potential for innovation and transformation in the current crisesboth COVID-19 and racial justice. 

Our Community and Our Values

LDT Program Values Informing Higher Education's Big Rethink

A critical studies approach to higher education.

A vision of learning that is transformative and holistic, equitable and inclusive.

A transdisciplinary approach to learning design that integrates the learning sciences and design methodologies with creativity and making.

A focus on the future as an object of study.

An agile and broad approach to learning design that is practical and applied to professional contexts.

A commitment to social and racial justice and the goal of positively shaping the future of higher education in the service of the common good.

For More Information

Questions about the initiative can be directed to Randy Bass, LDT faculty; Vice President, Strategic Education Initiatives, Georgetown University. Email: bassr@georgetown.edu

Questions about registration can be directed to Anne Musica, LDT Program Coordinator, Georgetown University.  Email: anne.musica@georgetown.edu