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The Master of Arts in Learning, Design, and Technology gives students a broad conceptual foundation in the theories of learning and teaching coupled with real world experience in faculty development, educational technology, and instructional and learning design.

The Program is stewarded by Georgetown’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), giving students real-world experience with faculty working in a center for teaching excellence and technology innovation.

Director’s Message

I am very excited to be able to introduce you to the Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT). Our program was founded in response to challenges confronting teaching and learning in higher education.

Higher education faces many challenges and opportunities—the (post-) pandemic pedagogies, equity and access, value and cost, climate change, demographic shifts, digital technologies, curricular alignment with workforce needs, etc. All will require thoughtful, intentional, innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

To help address higher education’s emerging challenges, the staff at Georgetown University’s center for teaching excellence–Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS)–designed and developed the LDT program, which builds on the Center’s over 20 years of experience working with faculty and students on academic innovation.

The M.A. in Learning, Design, and Technology focuses on the intersecting fields of instructional design, educational technology, learning analytics, studio-based design, and critical studies in higher education, taking an interdisciplinary approach that balances theory with applied innovation. Students in the program will gain a deep understanding of learning and design, while being immersed in a curriculum intended to serve as an incubator for new ideas about teaching, learning, and the future of higher education. In addition, students will participate in innovative opportunities that marry theory with experience through applied innovation projects. From these experiences, students will develop a rich portfolio of real-world work, which can serve as a strong foundation on which they can build careers in instructional and learning design, instructional technology, learning analytics, online program development, higher education leadership, and more. 

In addition to our curriculum, students will benefit from our campus partnerships, which serve as helpful resources as students pursue innovations in teaching and learning. Georgetown University’s long history of innovation in teaching and learning, combined with a deep commitment to its core values, make it a unique place to educate the next generation of designers, developers, technologists, and transformative leaders who will drive learning forward in higher education.

I invite you to take this next step toward a career in design, innovation, and higher education, and welcome you to join our program!

With Regards

Director Message Signature

Edward Maloney
Founding Director and Professor, Program in Learning, Design, and Technology
Executive Director, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship

Eddie Maloney

A Long History of Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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